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    Stressing out in the office again? It’s time to relief the stress with this one amazing thing

    Stressing out in the office again? It’s time to relief the stress with this one amazing thing

    Working long hours in the office again? We’ve all been there: having to sit through an entire day of meetings, presentations, data sheets and important decisions. Work can easily become synonym with stress and tension.

    All this stress has a massive effect on your physical and mental health.
    The constant headaches and migraines; the muscle and joints aches and the constant pain in your chest. The mood changes and swings and the overall feel of pressure. You might be able to leave the causes of the stress at the office, but the stress-related pain follows you when you return home.

    You can quit, Sure. But when the next job will have the same amount of stress, what’s gonna change?and if you love your job, does it have to come with all this stress?

    Well, we want to offer you an opportunity to still be able to enjoy your work – minus the stress and aches.

    For things to change, you need to start treating your stress-related pain.

    With My Heating Pad you can start taking care of yourself during those long office hours – and feel how all the stress and pressure are just melting away.

    Many of our clients are hard-working in their jobs – just like yourself – and already discovered the benefit of using My Heating Pad for their office routine.

    Relieve your stress away


    The idea behind My Heating Pad is simple: a soft fleece pad that can be heated in the microwave.

    The pillow
    absorbs a long-lasting therapeutic warmth, thanks to its natural ingredients.
    After that you can put your My Heating Pad anywhere on your body where you feel tense or achy, or just need a bit of a relief.

    The perfect Relief for the Office



    My Heating Pad is the perfect relief to have during office hours.

    It is so easy to use: you just put it for 2 minutes in the microwave, and prepare to enjoy the cozy warmth of My Heating Pad. Once it cooled down a bit, you can just heat it again, and enjoy the stress-melting qualities of it.

    Unlike other stress-relief materials, like liquid or ointments, you don’t have to worry of stains or leakage – its is made with 100% natural ingredients sealed in a tight-proof pad that you can use over and over again.

    My Heating Pad is light, portable and doesn’t require special treatment. You can store it in your handbag and bring it with you to work everyday without worrying about the weight. Or better yet – store it in a compartment and have it ready for you whenever you fill like you could use a break.

    My Heating Pad does not emit a strong smell and it is quite compact. You could use it in the office, or even during a business meeting.

    Ready to say goodbye to your stress-related pain? Get your pack of My Heating Pad right here,
    and melt it away!