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    The History & Benefits Of Lavender

    The History & Benefits Of Lavender

    The benefits of lavender have been known to humans for over 2,500 years. In Ancient Rome, lavender was a prized commodity as they were used to scent Roman baths throughout the empire. It was also used as a perfume, insect repellent, and as a flavoring.


    Lavender Flowers

    The lavender plant, and especially its purple flowers are beautiful. Think of the lush lavender fields of Provence, France. Fresh from the garden, dried, or as oil, lavender is a great addition to any home. When dried you can use it for many purposes like making sachets, potpourri, and for home décor. It’s the main ingredient in our aromatic Lavender Flowers Blends which are filled with our Lavender Eye Mask and other products.

    The Lavender aroma promotes relaxation, calm and balance making it the perfect ingredient for our products. Lavender is now one of the world’s most popular scents. It has also been used throughout history to encourage passion and love. Today Lavender is most commonly used in Aromatherapy and perfumes. Lavenders’ fresh and unique aroma makes it one of our favorite herbs out there!